About Us:  Eschoolers for School Choice is a student driven organization involved in informing the public at large about the benefits and the consequences of school choice and why we must protect its existence while working to improve the policies that make school choice  available.

Mission: Eschoolers for School Choice believes that while traditional public education is important to the existence of communities around America and to the viability of Americas school system its further imperative to protect alternatives. It is also believed that choice should be available to parents and students who clearly are not benefiting.  Further, we believe that everyone has the right to choice when it comes to their education and no one should be shunned or denounced for choosing whats best for their child or themselves.

What We Do: Eschoolers for School Choice is a not for profit organization that advocates for responsible school choice within both for profit and non profitable organizations, does research on both school choice and traditional public education,  and works to inform parents of their options in public education.

Why We Do What We Do: Eschoolers for School Choice works to inform parents and students of their options because most parents and students can not differentiate the difference between traditional public schools and charter schools and most don’t know they have access to publicly funded vouchers.  Eschoolers for School Choice also works to inform parents and students of their schools NCLB rating, why those rating may not clearly reflect the schools performance,  and what method of schooling (whether it be traditional first generation public school, vouchers, or charter schools) is available for them.



One thought on “About E-Schoolers for School Choice

  1. We are here for your success!

    Posted by MARTINIAMINC School For Entrepreneurship | November 21, 2011, 10:58 PM

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