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Bad Education

Charter schools are often seen as the resolve to the harrowing public education system that American children are often forced into. This battered system that is outdated and is underfunded is in need of immense restructuring that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.  That’s why charters are often placed alongside 1st and 2nd generation public … Continue reading

Signs of Emergency: Michigan’s Education Achievement Authority

What is the MEAAS: The Michigan Education Achievement Authority System is a statewide school district implemented through a collaborative agreement with Detroit Public Schools and the Eastern Michigan University. The new statewide district, which will operate next school year in an incubation mode, will take DPS’s historically underperforming schools out of the districts jurisdiction and … Continue reading

How Testing is Disastrous for School Choice

America has steadily become a nation with inadequate schools, with schools other countries have outperformed that we were once superior to.  Over the past few decades America has seem to have lost its stance in providing quality education, free of charge, regardless of socioeconomic status. Today we have moved toward leaving every child that isn’t … Continue reading

How Louisiana is Paving the Road to Disaster

School Choice (A system designed to give frustrated students and parents who can’t afford a private education access to public-based private alternatives) is serving a secondary motive in Louisiana.  Choice in Louisiana has become a nightmare for some, with schools blatantly violating federal laws and mandates, cheating on standardized exams and mismanaging federal monies.  The … Continue reading